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Revitalizing Serum


Potent Skin Rejuvenating Technology

This light, fast absorbing texture of Revitalizing Serum improves the accelerated signs of ageing with its unique formulation. It soothes fine lines and enhances uniform complexion for a more youthful, awakened appearance.
Additional benefits include a balance of suppleness and firmness; a smoothing of creases and minimized redness and luminance. It also improves the performance of other skin care products by acting as a primer by replenishing the youthful factor EGF.
Apply morning and evening to entire face including eye area.
29.5 mL / 1.0 fl.oz
77.00 CAD
Moisturizing Booster


This booster is made up of highly concentrated hyaluronic acid. Its ability to bind large amounts of water makes it a very competent moisturizer. It can be used together with the Hyaluronic Moisturizing Cream or the 24h Moisturizing cream as a moisturizing treatment for very dry skin.

Similar to the Hyaluronic Moisturizing Cream, it also facilitates the production of collagen and elastin and helps to reduce lines and wrinkles to make the skin look more youthful. Free from mineral oil, PEGs and fragrance.

50mL / 1.7 oz.

63.00 CAD
Tri-Colla 8

Tri-Colla 8

Degradation of collagen level in the body is a known cause of wrinkles and premature aging.  This product has been developed with the following features in mind.

  • Collagen boosting
  • Collagen structuring
  • Collagen protection
  • Moisturizing effect to give the skin a smooth appearance

It aims to reverses the degradation process that leads to wrinkles and premature aging and sample tests have shown a just under 30%% decrease in wrinkle depth in 30 days.

This product is a complementary companion to Andris Kener’s Revitalizing Serum as a treatment set for wrinkle reduction and skin firmness.

50mL / 1.7 oz.

73.00 CAD
24H Moisturizing Cream

24H Moisturizing Cream

This 24h moisturizing cream contains precious plant oils, Polyphenol, Aloe Vera and cranberry extract (Vitamin C) and other ingredients to give a rich moisturizing, regenerating and anti-aging effect. Free of mineral oil, silicone and PEGs.

50mL / 1.7 oz.

54.00 CAD
Stem Cell Eye Cream

Stem Cell Eye Cream

This eye cream nourishes the very sensitive area of the eyes to help it looks smooth and reduce the appearance of eyes sagging. The stem cells of this eye cream are derived from a selection of Swiss apples, grapes and yellow azalea. They are rich in lipids, amino acids, polyols, polyphenols and sugars. Those substances are essential in the epidermal and dermal layer to stimulate and accelerate skin renewal and reduce the depth of lines and wrinkles.

Free from mineral oil, silicone, PEGs and artificial colors.

5mL / 0.17 oz.

50.00 CAD


Many environmental factors are known to have an adverse effect on skin conditions making the skin loses its elasticity, becomes thinner and wrinkles appearing faster.

A non-sticky cream for use in bright and sunny weather to reduce the adverse effect of external factors that cause collagen production slowdown, loss of skin elasticity and appearance of wrinkles. Free of mineral oils and PEGs.

50mL / 1.7 oz.

48.00 CAD
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